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Hottest Term Product on the Market!

Get Your Clients $500,000 Term with NO Blood or Urine

You can be among a select group of producers in your area with access to the Hottest Term Product on the Market by requesting an information and marketing kit here right now. Key features include:

  • $500,000 with NO blood work.
  • Living Benefits for Terminal, Chronic and Critical Care.
  • Final Expense product with Living Benefits, Coverage up to $100,000.

Rand Resources, LLC is a hands on brokerage that has been helping agents write more business for the past 40 years. We provide select agents with the platform needed to ensure a sustainable business. We offer:  

  • Top Carriers and Top Contracts for all your Term, ROP, GUL, IUL, Whole Life, Annuities, Disability, LTC, Guaranteed Issue, SPWL Cases.
  • Specializing on helping with Large Case Design
  • Impaired Risk and Medical Case Experts.
  • Full Backroom Support with Selling and Marketing Tools.

Click here to request additional information and learn more.

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Rand Resources, LLC
6518 West 133 Terrace
Overland Park, KS 66209

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