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The Revolution -  Learn from those who pay their bills the same way you do.  

Mark Lindsey, CEO, Founder and, Most Importantly, Producer

Mark is one of the most successful producers of fixed index annuities in the industry. Over the last decade, he's written more than $200 million in personal production and consistently writes well over $20 million a year. In March of 2008, after years of success, Mark noticed a tremendous lack of resources and training for independent producers. It was at that time that The Revolution was born. A company with a proven sales system created and used by Mark personally, an actual producer rather than someone working behind a desk. A sales system designed with hands on training and step by step instructions; from filling up the seminar room to closing the sale. This system, coupled with our hands on training, has propelled The Revolution to over a billion dollars in premium with under 200 producers. A history making accomplishment and further proof that The Revolution’s sales system is a complete game changer for serious producers.

What we offer:

  • A proven system: Compliance approved seminars and 5 step sales system that has produced unprecedented results.
  • Hands on training: Mark, along with several of the country’s largest producers, will teach you at no cost, The Revolution’s system of doing business.
  • Free mentoring: Watch a top producer do an actual seminar and even sit in while they meet with potential clients.
  • Compensation: Incredibly lucrative, straight forward and honest marketing compensation.
  • Protection: Former SEC attorney on staff to help protect you.
  • Territory: Exclusive territories plus a territory manager to insure your seminars have plenty of people you can help.
  • 24/7 Video Training: Watch entire seminars from many of our top producers anytime you want.
  • Sales Ideas: Every Monday learn a new proven idea from a top producer on our live conference call.

The main reason our competitors fear The Revolution…

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