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New SMS program provides 100 percent of what you need to incorporate Social Security into retirement plans.
Total Social Security from Senior Market Sales - 100% of what you need to build Social Security planning into your practice

Don’t just jump on the Social Security planning bandwagon
Leave competitors in the dust with Total Social Security

It seems everyone is talking about Social Security planning, but very few advisors know how to successfully take advantage of the opportunity. Senior Market Sales’ new Total Social Security is the first program to include everything you need to build Social Security planning into your practice.

Learn how to get started!

Total Social Security includes:

Run your first Social Security analysis Software — Analyze your client’s best Social Security claiming strategy

Explore the training content Training — Learn Social Security basics and how to incorporate product solutions

Get answers to your Social Security questions Support — Call our expert support staff for answers to your Social Security questions

Read the Getting Started Guide Marketing — Promote Social Security planning with FINRA-reviewed marketing materials

Get all of this at no charge*!
*These resources would cost you at least $3,000 each year if you didn’t get them through Total Social Security.

Get started:
Call 1-877-645-4939 or click here to learn more!

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