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How would you like to be earning more, taking more time off, delegating more duties to your staff and reserving your valuable time for meeting with clients? 

The $300,000,000 Secret
I have spent months PAINSTAKINGLY documenting every successful strategy I have used in the past 10 years that allowed me to write $300,000,000 of annuity premium. No one will have to know your secret to unstoppable success was receiving this free report from me, Mike Steranka (One of the Top Annuity Producers in America for almost a decade).

How to Gain an "Unfair Advantage"
Let me describe how to gain the same unfair advantage that I have. My production and lifestyle are more about systems then talent, knowledge, or experience. Armed with my system, almost any financial professional who works hard and takes the necessary action can duplicate my success. The magic is all in “the system.”

Do you know why franchises are so successful? Because they systematize everything, from hiring, follow-up, presentations, marketing, and everything that supports the business. From my perspective, no one in this business should be without documented systems, which of course are all included in my system.

Up until recently my entire system was only available to an exclusive group of financial professionals, whose businesses I have helped to grow in excess of 1,000% in 12 months. Now, I decided to expand my support by offering the entire system, coaching and software FREE to a select number of financial professionals nationwide. It all starts with my brand new 50-page report.

Highlights of “The System” that you’ll find in this free report include:

  • Your “ideal day” from visualization to achievement
  • The “living document” Procedure Manual
  • Step-by-step creating your Custom Office Profile
  • Managing tax planning (and just how important it really is)
  • A way to position yourself as an expert (that most financial professionals never think of)
  • How to produce $1,000,000 a month in referral business
  • And so much more

For the first-time ever, you can download this meticulous blueprint of how to write $300,000,000 of annuity premium and work 20 hours per week.

Click here to download my free report right now.

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