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Recent studies indicate many Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) are unaware of the significance of their professional liability exposure.  Many feel the coverage is unnecessary; others believe he/she is covered through the Broker/Dealer through which they are affiliated.  Contrary to these misconceptions, uninsured RIAs run the risk of devastating personal financial loss in the event of a claim.  The Fox Point E&O product is a cost-effective way for Advisors to protect themselves against a potentially catastrophic professional liability loss.  More importantly, the coverage itself is completely portable.  It is designed to protect the individual policyholder – not the Broker/Dealer firm with which he/she is affiliated.


  • • Multiple liability limit and deductible options available.
  • • Policy designed to be completely portable, allowing coverage to continue uninterrupted as he/her pursues career.
  • • Separate sub-limit of liability offered for Cost of Corrections.
  • • Up to $25,000 in Identity Theft protection provided at no additional charge.
  • • Cyber Liability coverage available for as little as $125.

    Premiums as low as $1,370

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