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I would love to take this opportunity to showcase the great new advantages and technologies that we have pulled together in the BIC Self-Funded Exchange! We can now take in enrollment data in a single portal, and output that data to scour the market of self-funded opportunities for the group size in question and larger. We now work typically from 5 to infinity.

To state it as simply as I can, we take in data through our on-line interview portal, we provide back an expert risk analysis that can guide the decision process, we provide FINAL rates from the carriers instead of the dreaded “maybe rates” of yesteryear, and then when the buying decision is made, enrollment has already been done, so final group paperwork and plan selections is all that’s required. Simply restated, enroll first, save tons of time, get lots of value. Oh, and don’t forget, if all else fails and the client is found not to be ideal for self-funded markets at this time, we still have all the enrollment data available in the event that you desire we populate a fully insured enrollment option.

So there you have it. The above description reflects the latest paradigm; however, we also know that some are not as ready for change as others. So if you’d prefer the old way we can start with “manual” rates with any or all of several carriers from a basic census including age, gender, coverage tier, industry SIC code, and group location. This would get us the teaser rates to get clients more inclined to move forward with the above approach.

Take a moment if you will to view a couple of these videos, and we’ll see how we can help with the next step!

Please view the following videos at your convenience:

Easy Enrollment: 

Your Plan or the Government’s Plan: 


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